Over 25 Years Of Experience Resolving Child Custody Matters For Little Rock Parents

When children are involved in a divorce, their best interests are of primary concern. Your children need stability and opportunities to thrive even though their parents are no longer living in the same household, or perhaps, the same state.

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Your peace of mind is essential in the process, of course, and usually depends on the quality of your lawyer.

In a contested custody action, the court uses a set of guidelines to determine the best interests of children, but you can easily lose rights you may think are automatic if your case is not advocated aggressively and accurately by presenting critical information to the court to use in making that determination.

Helping You Develop A Parenting Arrangement That Is Best For Your Situation

I am Vickie Lynn Cochran, a Little Rock family law attorney, and I have more than 25 years of experience assisting parents with all types of custody and visitation agreements.

As your lawyer, we will examine each aspect of your divorce case and help you come to reasonable agreements on custody and a parenting plan with the opposing party where possible.

Understanding Legal And Physical Child Custody In Arkansas

Many parents want joint custody, and Arkansas has a preference for it. Each parent has rights and wants to spend the maximum amount of parenting time with his or her children, but 50-50 joint physical custody is often unreasonable and unrealistic.

Actual joint physical custody requires both parents to live in close proximity and jointly make many of the decisions affecting their children, including schooling, religious practice, medical care and the activities in which they will participate. Arkansas law favors joint custody.

Realistically, in the majority of cases the parents will share legal custody and one parent will have primary physical custody of the children. The other parent will have a visitation/parenting time schedule.

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We fully understand the concerns you may have in the process, and we will work together to ensure fairness and protection of your children.

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