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When a divorce is finalized and child support orders are established, the orders reflect the circumstances that existed at that time. If there is a significant change in circumstances, it may be appropriate to seek a modification of the orders.

All child support modifications in Arkansas, however, need to be approved by the court. The assistance of a lawyer in this area is essential.

Criteria Courts Use To Approve Child Support Modifications

The court examines specific criteria before granting any modification orders.

Changes in income are the most common reason for child support modifications. If there has been an increase or decrease of 10 percent, or more than $100 per month in the noncustodial parent's net income, either parent can request a modification of the order.

How We Can Help You

Family law attorney Vickie Lynn Cochran has extensive experience representing spouses throughout Little Rock on both sides of child support modification matters. Whether you are the parent receiving child support or the parent who is paying it, we at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran will work to secure a modification that accurately represents the current financial circumstances.

We conduct a thorough review of your case and give you an honest assessment regarding the viability of your case. If there are grounds for a modification, we will help you take the necessary steps to obtain one. If there is a dispute over your proposed request, we will present the strongest possible argument to support your position in the matter.

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