Helping Unmarried Parents In Little Rock And Surrounding Communities Resolve Child Custody Disputes

Arkansas courts believe that the best interests of children are served when they have frequent and continuous contact with both parents. In fact, Arkansas law specifically favors joint custody.

However, the law states that legal custody of a child born to an unmarried woman belongs to the mother. The biological father can be granted custody or visitation if he is an appropriate and fit parent, and takes responsibility in providing care and financial support.

While additional factors help to determine custody, the best interests of the child come first. Parents encouraging a relationship with the noncustodial parent are clearly putting their needs second to those of their children.

Customized Agreements That Benefit Both Parties

As family law attorneys, we at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran share the court's primary concern for the best interests of the children in custody and visitation agreements. Children deserve stability and peace of mind when their parents are living in different households. Simply stated, we believe that your children are precious and truly deserve the best.

As your lawyer, we will protect your parental and custodial rights and work directly with you to customize agreements beneficial to all parties.

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