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Understanding Paternity In Arkansas

In Arkansas, after a child is born there is an Acknowledgment of Paternity form that unmarried parents can either choose to sign or not. This does not establish paternity but creates a presumption of paternity, and their names may also be on the birth certificate, but it is up to the court to actually establish paternity and any custody or visitation rights. There is also a Putative Father Registry on which the father can place his name so that he will be included in any legal proceedings involving the child.

If you signed the Acknowledgment of Paternity, you do have a 60-day window to rescind this action. If it has been more than 60 days (and up to three years later), a petition to the court can be filed to rescind but only under the circumstances of duress, fraud and material mistake of fact.

Establishing Paternity Through A DNA Test

A presumption of paternity can also be established through genetic testing or what is more commonly known as a DNA test. Your DNA is taken via a sample, usually a cotton swab from the inside of your mouth, and compared with the child's in a lab analysis. Keep in mind paternity can still be contested even after a DNA test. A lawyer can help you with this process so that your rights are protected and best interests represented, especially if you are seeking custody rights or, on the flip side, you are contesting child support obligations.

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