Little Rock Attorney Assisting Parties Facing Child Removal

Child dependency and neglect charges are serious and could result in the permanent removal of your children from your home.

When the loss of your children is on the line, it's critical that you have a dedicated lawyer representing you throughout this complicated process.

Extensive Juvenile Court Experience

Vickie Lynn Cochran is a Little Rock family law attorney with more than 25 years of experience representing all participants in dependency/neglect proceedings, including parents who have been accused of child neglect and abuse, the Department of Human Services, children and other interested parties.

We also have many years of experience in juvenile court, making us uniquely qualified to represent parents facing child neglect and abuse charges throughout Arkansas. Vickie Lynn Cochran is also an Attorney ad Litem certified to represent children in dependency/neglect proceedings with experience in hundreds of cases.

Representation During Every Stage

In a dependency or neglect case, the state must prove there was probable cause for removing your child from your home and that probable cause continues to exist to keep custody of your child.

When you hire our office, we will aggressively defend you and force the state to prove the allegations against you. You can count on us to personally represent you at every hearing, including your probable cause, adjudication and disposition hearings. If the court adjudicates your child dependent/neglected, we can represent you at the review hearings and hearings to select a permanent plan or terminate parental rights.

We will guide you through the entire legal process, using language you can understand. We will inform you of evidence you can gather and changes you can make to help improve the probability that your children will be returned to you.

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