Assisting Little Rock Grandparents With Visitation, Custody Of Grandchildren

Sometimes, the best interests of the children involve the grandparents spending time with their beloved grandchildren or serving in parental roles when the children's parents cannot.

As family law attorneys at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we have assisted many grandparents throughout Little Rock with establishing visitation and custody rights of their grandchildren.

Your Rights As A Grandparent Post-Divorce

When parents divorce, a devoted grandparent should continue to enjoy the bond with their grandkids after the separation.

If a substantial relationship exists, you may have the right to visitation. If your grandchildren have lived with you for an extended period of time during the marriage, you may be eligible for a fixed visitation schedule granted by the courts.

Your Rights As A Grandparent When Safety Issues Are Present

Time is of the essence when children cannot be safely left at home with their mother and father. Early intervention is critical when grandparents want their grandchildren out of an environment of drug or alcohol use, neglect and physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In these cases, we take immediate action by filing a guardianship petition or a Motion to Intervene on behalf of grandparents.

In guardianship or dependency and neglect proceedings, I provide compassionate and aggressive representation for grandparents seeking custody due to the neglect or abuse of their grandchildren. We share their objective in securing grandchildren in the best possible environment that provides safety and love.

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