Legal Assistance In Little Rock With Guardianship Of Incompetent Adults

Mentally ill and physically or mentally handicapped adults who cannot care for their own health or manage their own finances often require guardians appointed by the court.

Understanding The Guardianship Process

A guardian is generally a family member, friend or professional who looks out for the best interests of the individual who is deemed incapable of maintaining basic life necessities or suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. The legal determination of incompetence is a serious matter as an adult could lose basic fundamental rights. The decision to pursue a guardianship requires careful consideration when other alternatives have been exhausted.

Individuals alleged to be incompetent have rights that need protection. They are entitled to advance notice of the date of the hearing so they can attend and have legal representation at the proceeding. The person seeking the guardianship must prove legal incompetency of the adult and that the guardianship is in the allegedly incompetent adult's best interests.

Even if a guardianship is granted, the ruling is not permanent. It can be revisited in court, particularly if the once-incompetent adult has regained the ability to manage their affairs.

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