Helping Little Rock Understand Parental Relocation

"Move-away" or relocation is a big issue in our mobile society. Custody and visitation orders usually require modification if one parent relocates for greater opportunity, family stability or job-related requirements. Military families, government workers and military/government contractors in particular face relocation issues frequently.

The potential for successful relocation has improved in recent years, but the issues are complex.

A Basic Understanding Of Relocation Laws In Arkansas

The court's basic presumption is that the custodial parent can move away with the children as long as it is not for an improper purpose. It is presumed to be in the children's best interest.

Similar to other modifications of orders (e.g., child support, custody, visitation and alimony), relocation must be in the best interests of children.

Courts consider a number of factors when making their determinations: the impact on the child's relationship with school, friends, extended family members, the enhancement to the child's quality of life, availability of cultural and recreational activities, and the likelihood of continuing the interaction and relationship with the noncustodial parent.

Objections To The Move Away

If a noncustodial parent wishes to stop the relocation of his or her children's residence, he or she must fight it in court and demonstrate that the relocation is for an improper purpose or is not in the children's best interest. Where the parties share joint custody, the burden is on the relocating custodian to obtain the court's permission to relocate by demonstrating that the proposed relocation is in the children's best interest and not for an improper purpose.

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