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Utilizing Over 25 Years Of Divorce Experience To Help You

Divorce is hardly ever simple, but an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal process with ease and confidence. Legal requirements can often be burdensome, but they are put in place to protect divorcing parties, their children and their assets.

Unless you and your spouse can come to full agreement on all issues, a contested divorce will result. Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the divorce court will generally strive to distribute property and assets obtained during the marriage as equally as possible.

Military divorce and civilian divorce alike involve a number of factors most people have not previously given much consideration.

Representation, Counsel And Preparation During Every Stage Of Your Divorce

At the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we can discuss reasonable alternatives to divide all forms of marital property, custody of your children and time with your children in ways that meet your needs specifically.

As your attorney, we handle all paperwork and ensure all aspects of the divorce are addressed upfront, leaving no issues unresolved. We stand by the work of the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran to make sure you and your family can move on from the legal process into a brighter future. We will discuss what that future will look like and how you can begin taking steps now to prepare yourself for this major life change.

Involvement Of Children

If there are no minor children involved in your case, the focus of your divorce process will be on property division (e.g., pensions, house, vehicles, bank accounts, investments, etc.) and spousal support/alimony.

Divorce With Children Of The Marriage

If you do have children, your case will probably be more complex because determining what orders are in the best interests of your children is likely to be a source of considerable disagreement between the parties. Orders involving your children include:

Vickie Lynn Cochran has more than 25 years of experience in this area of law. My office understands what you are going through, and we know how to guide you and your family through this necessary transition.

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Contact me today by email or calling 501-313-1813 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your divorce and goals you wish to accomplish.

Even if you pursue an uncontested divorce, the representation and counsel of an experienced Little Rock divorce attorney are important to ensuring your rights and best interests are protected.

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