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Assisting Little Rock Residents With Legal Separation Procedures

Sometimes referred to as separate maintenance or divorce from bed and board, a legal separation can be pursued for many different reasons. Lack of grounds for divorce, religious beliefs, the desire to maintain medical insurance for both spouses and other considerations can all play a part in a couple's decision to separate rather than divorce.

Understanding Legal Separation

Many people wrongly assume that a legal separation means that they must first establish a separate household in order for the separation to be legal. In fact, it is not necessary for a new household to be established. Spouses can live separately under the same roof and still be considered separated. Spouses who have been legally separated for 18 months have grounds to seek a divorce. If you have entered into a covenant marriage, there are additional steps that must be taken and a longer waiting period is required in order obtain a legal separation.

There are some attorneys who do production business in divorces by creating simple generic divorce documents. In many cases, however, the documents they provide will not address the unique circumstances of your situation.

Offering Experienced Family Law Representation, Customized Solutions

As family lawyers at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we have assisted many clients in Little Rock, Jacksonville and throughout Arkansas with legal separation.

When you hire us for your legal separation, we take a customized approach to your case. We address all issues relevant to your case, including child support, spousal support, child custody and property division, working to obtain the most beneficial possible agreement for your needs.

Many people do not understand their rights in these matters or even if legal separation is the best solution for their needs. We conduct a thorough review of your case and give you an honest assessment about whether a legal separation is the best option for you.

Call Our Office To Talk About Your Legal Separation And How We Can Help Protect Your Interests

Contact our office today at 501-313-1813, toll free at 800-323-8884 to schedule an initial consultation about your legal separation. You can also send us an email. We can help answer your questions and make sure documents are in place to protect your rights.

We are available during regular business hours and evenings or weekends if necessary.