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Understanding Family Law Litigation In Arkansas

Many family law cases are uncontested and can be resolved amicably outside of the court. However, in other instances, couples are unable to come to an agreement regarding child custody, property distribution or other matters and litigation with the assistance of an experienced lawyer is the more appropriate method.

As family law attorneys at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we have helped many couples resolve family law matters in court. The importance of hiring a family law attorney who has experience litigating in court, one who knows the rules of procedure, rules of evidence, the judges and issues involved cannot be stressed enough. With over 25 years of experience litigating many different types of family law matters, Vickie Lynn Cochran has the knowledge to help you.

Appealing A Family Law Decision

There are situations, however, when family law judges make erroneous or unfair decisions, or a party believes the ruling of the court is in error. Fortunately, parties can appeal such decisions to a higher court.

However, hiring a family law attorney experienced in family law appeals — just like litigation — is important. The appeals process involves specialized rules and procedures.

For many years, we have handled family law appeals for individuals in all types of circumstances. If you are looking for a Little Rock attorney knowledgeable in this arena, we can help.

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