Helping Little Rock With Domestic Orders Of Protection

Orders of protection are an essential tool in addressing and preventing domestic or family violence in Arkansas.

Understanding Eligibility For Victims Of Domestic Violence Abuse

For victims of abuse, safety is the primary concern. Sometimes, it is not necessary for actual violence to have taken place in order for you to be eligible for an order of protection. You may be able to seek an order of protection if you believe that you are in immediate danger of violence or the other party is threatening you. The alleged perpetrator can be removed from the home and kept away from his or her children for simply being accused of domestic violence.

Helping You Through Every Stage Of The Process

As family law attorneys at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we have represented victims of abuse involved with many different circumstances all throughout Little Rock.

If you need assistance with an order of protection, we can help you with the process, representing you at every stage and mitigating unjustified orders entered. If an order has already been entered, we can help you contest it and work to minimize its impact on your personal life.

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