Helping Little Rock Divorcing Couples With Property Distribution

Understanding Property Division In Arkansas

Generally, anything acquired during the marriage from the efforts of either party is marital property. Certain assets acquired by a spouse during marriage or prior to marriage are considered separate property and are not considered part of the marital estate. All marital assets and property must be accounted for and divided in the divorce proceeding.

However, the equitable division of property and assets in divorce is often difficult to accept. Each party usually thinks it is entitled to more than the other, and negotiations can easily become heated. It is not uncommon to have to litigate marital property division, so the representation of an experienced lawyer is essential to ensure you can get what you deserve.

Choosing Us To Help With Equitable Distribution

With our experience, we can be your advocate and your guide in making informed decisions that help you move on with your life following divorce.

Senior attorney Vickie Lynn Cochran possesses more than 25 years of family law experience. We at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran have advocated for a variety of clients. In some cases, we may only be working to divide the proceeds from the sale of a family home, and in others we may have to factor in a business, 401(k) retirement savings, pensions, investment accounts, stocks, bonds, other real estate and debts.

Understanding Fault In Your Arkansas Divorce

We can help to make sure you achieve a fair and equitable distribution agreement in your case. That might not mean a 50-50 division of all property and assets.

Arkansas is a grounds-based state; therefore, in certain circumstances you may be awarded a larger or smaller portion of the marital property based on who is at fault by causing the divorce. We can also help you negotiate personalized terms that protect property you depend on or care about most, such as business assets, the marital home or an inheritance.

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