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Understanding Marital Property When Dividing Retirement Accounts In Your Divorce

Rights regarding 401(k) and retirement divisions are commonly asked property division questions in divorce.

Any increase in value to any eligible retirement account that took place during the marriage can be considered marital property for the purposes of property division. The increase in value includes any contributions made to the accounts as well as any multiplying value attributable to those contributions. If the account was established during the marriage, the entire value of the account can be considered marital property.

Whether you are the spouse who stands to lose a portion of his or her retirement or the one seeking a fair share of the accounts, we can help.

Finding The Most Beneficial Outcome For You

Family law attorney Vickie Lynn Cochran has over 25 years of experience assisting individuals all throughout Little Rock and Arkansas with retirement account distribution and retirement benefits in divorce. We at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran work tirelessly to obtain the most beneficial possible outcome.

Hidden Asset Concerns

If there are concerns over hidden assets or accounts, we sometimes enlist the help of forensic accountants and any other necessary experts to find them.

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