Helping Little Rock Divorcing Couples With Family Businesses

The division of a privately owned business as part of a divorce can be extremely complex. When the business was established and how much the value of the business increased during the marriage are essential to determining how much, if any, of the business should be considered marital property.

Understanding The Division Of A Business In An Arkansas Divorce

There is a misconception that if a business was established by one spouse prior to the marriage, the other spouse has no claim to any portion of it. Under Arkansas law, the amount that the business increased in value due to the efforts of either or both spouses during the marriage is considered marital property. If the business was established during the marriage, the entire value of the business will likely be considered marital property.

This and many other issues are commonly asked by clients with concerns about the fate of a family-run operation.

Extensive Experience Helping Divorcing Parties Owning Private Businesses

As divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we have extensive experience representing clients throughout Little Rock and Arkansas in all types of issues involving the division of a privately owned business.

Whether the business is owned by one spouse or both spouses own it together, we are prepared to pursue a resolution that provides the most benefit to you. No matter what your interest in the company may be, we are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome on your behalf. We work with a group of talented business valuation experts who can determine the portion of the company's value that should be included in the marital estate.

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