Experienced Little Rock Representation To Help Divide The Marital Home In A Divorce

For many couples, the marital home is the single largest asset that needs to be divided in an Arkansas divorce. Whether by agreement between the spouses or by order of the court, division of the home can be handled in many different ways.

Understanding The Different Ways To Handle The Marital Home In A Divorce

If the home is awarded entirely to one spouse, he or she will likely be responsible for any debts associated with it as well. In situations like these, the spouse who gets the home will frequently buy out the other or trade equity in the home for interests in other assets. If neither party can afford to keep the home, it could be sold and the net proceeds divided equally between the spouses.

Dividing The Marital Home When Children Are Involved

When divorcing couples have children, some will make arrangements for the custodial parent to live in the home for a set period of time — until the youngest child graduates from high school, as an example — then either buy out the other parent or sell the home and split the proceeds.

Why An Attorney Is Vital

As family law attorneys at the Law Office of Vickie Lynn Cochran, we represent clients in Little Rock and all across the state of Arkansas with complex property division matters. We can offer advice on the available options for dividing your marital home and recommend a strategy that we feel will provide the most benefit for you and your children.

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