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Kate Winslet in the crosshairs of father's rights group

Actress Kate Winslet is known for her famous roles, but a father’s rights group in the United Kingdom has used her as an example of how many fathers are treated as second class citizens when it comes to parenting time during the holidays. Winslet was recently quoted in a magazine as saying that she does not share parenting time, which the group, Fathers4Justice took to say that she doesn’t care about non-custodial fathers not being with their children on Christmas morning.

Winslet and her camp were upset, and threatened to sue the group for defamation. Despite the angst over the controversy, there are a number of non-custodial parents who did not wake up with their kids on Christmas morning. This unfortunately may contribute to continuing battles between warring parents. 

Nevertheless, parents should remember that the holiday season is a collection of days that enable families to celebrate on any number of days in December (or January, for that matter). For parents who are not able to make any headway in getting parenting time during the holidays, legal action may be necessary.

Depending on the situation, a non-custodial parent may need to file a motion to modify a custody order. Through this type of motion, a parent asks the court to change the provisions that detail the custody order. In some situations, a parent (particularly a father) may have to establish paternity before being awarded custody and parenting time. This would require a paternity suit to establish who is the legally recognized father.

In the meantime, we hope that all parents find a way to get along and allow their children to enjoy the holidays with both parents.

Source:, “Kate Winslet targeted by father’s rights group over parenting arrangement,” Cavan Sieczkowski, December 19, 2013

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