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How to avoid further heartache...and bills, during divorce

Depending on a person’s sensitivities, and their experiences during the marriage, a divorce can either be a Godsend or a heartbreaking experience. Regardless of what category you may fit in, there are several things that potential divorcees should know before going through the process, especially if the divorce is contested…and contentious.

This post will provide some helpful tips so that you can avoid further heartache and save money as you dissolve your marriage.

Divorce is not the time to be petty – When you are looking to get out of your marriage, it should not be a time to play “tit for tat” and seek revenge for every bad thing your ex-spouse did during the marriage. Not only does this thwart an orderly dissolution process, it may lead to more litigation. So keep a focus on reaching amicable decisions practical matters and leave questions of law to be resolved by a judge.

Avoid new relationships during divorce – This is especially important if there are children of the marriage and custody and parenting time is at issue. It can be very confusing to children if mommy or daddy brings someone new into the picture. While love may be afoot well before the divorce, the problems that may come about may not be worth it.

Remember your lawyer’s role – Your attorney’s role is to explain the law, advise you of potential outcomes and be your voice before the court. With that said, your lawyer is not supposed to be (or is trained to be) a therapist who is suppose to help resolve your emotional issues. This is important given how some lawyers bill for every phone call they take from you. 

Source: “10 things to remember when you’re getting a divorce,” Jim Halfens, Feb. 25, 2014 

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