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Re-homing is outlawed in Arkansas

Re-homing is a term used to describe what happens when a parent adopts a child and then transfers the custody of that child to another individual or another family. This used to be possible in Arkansas, but it led to some trouble. One individual sent children to a second family, and one of those children was then a victim of sexual abuse in the home.

Part of the problem is that the court did not have to approve the transfer of custody. A lot of work is done to make sure that homes are safe for children before adoption, but this practice skirted that, to some degree.

As a result, a new law has been passed saying that this practice is now illegal. The only exception is if the child is being put in the custody of close relatives. This doesn't mean that custody transfers are entirely illegal, but just that they'd have to be examined and approved by the court before they could go through.

Those who break this law could receive felony charges as a result. Sentencing could include time behind bars and fines.

Arkansas is not the first or only state to do this. These types of laws are already on the books in both Wisconsin and Louisiana. Furthermore, similar laws and regulations are currently being considered over in Florida and Ohio. These laws may not ban the process outright, but they would at least restrict it in some ways.

All citizens of Arkansas should know about this new law, especially if they are considering adoption, so that they can know all of their legal rights.

Source: Reuters, "Arkansas governor signs adoption law banning 're-homing'," Steve Barnes, April. 07, 2015

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