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Paternity is key when looking at a father's rights

Fathers in Little Rock who have children while they are not married must know what rights they have to see these children. In cases involving unwed couples, everything is not always as clear-cut as you may assume that it is.

For example, perhaps you've been dating someone for a long time and you are very sure that the child is yours. You feel that it should be easy to have your rights recognized or that they should automatically be granted to you.

This is a common thought and it makes sense, but it's actually not how the law in Arkansas works. Instead, the custody of the child is the mother's alone. She is the only one who automatically gets the right to live with the child and make any decisions regarding it. You may know that the child is yours, but the court does not automatically take your side.

Instead, paternity has to be officially established, and then the court has to recognize it. After they do this, your rights will be instated. Official paternity is the key to the whole thing.

This doesn't always have to be hard, especially for couples who are still together and who want to share custody. However, in many cases, you would need to put in an official complaint with the court -- or someone else has to do it on your behalf -- and this can then ask the court to look at the paternity situation and grant you your rights. A paternity test may be carried out, and the results can then be entered in court.

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