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You can move on after divorce, and it may not take that long

Many people in Arkansas make the mistake of thinking that a divorce is the worst possible thing that can happen -- that it is the end of the world. One writer, though, shows how you really can move on and even feel good when the dust settles.

The woman tried to save her marriage at first, but her husband didn't want to. He pushed for a divorce and she felt destroyed by it; however, she didn't feel like she had any choice. The two had a young child, a son.

After things ended, her life changed. She ended up leaving her job. She and her husband worked out a plan to raise the child so that they could both be involved. Though they didn't live together, she even provided him with a key to her place, and he came over multiple times a week to see his son.

She then moved on and found someone else who wanted to be in a long-term relationship. As she wrote a book about what had happened, they'd been dating for right around three years. Her son even wanted them to get married, though they weren't engaged yet.

Because of all of this, she said she actually felt victorious. It had been very hard, but that's what made her feel so triumphant when she got to the other side. She never said it didn't hurt, and described just how hard it was. However, it certainly was not the end of the world, and she was able to move on.

Keep her story in mind if you're considering a divorce yourself, as you look into all of the proper legal steps you must take.

Source: Star Tribune, "Divorce hurts, but it's not the end of the world," ERIN HILL PERRY, accessed Sep. 17, 2015

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