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In an ideal world, you wouldn't have a complex divorce. You'd just take what was yours, your spouse would take what he or she owned, you'd shake hands, and you'd go your separate ways.

In the real world, of course, things are almost never this simple. Just determining who actually owns what property can be incredibly complex. Is the car yours because you've been driving it every day for the last five years, or does it belong to your spouse because his or her name is on the paperwork? Does the home the two of you got in your parents' will belong to you since it was initially in your family, or do you both have a claim to it now as your family's home?

If that's not enough, property division could be the easy part. For those with children, even more complications arise. You may end up asking questions like these:

-- Where do the kids want to live?-- Who is the primary caretaker for the children?-- How can both parents still be involved?-- What do you do if you want to move out of the state?-- Who can best support the children?-- Should income levels even matter if one parent is a better caregiver?-- How is the budget going to change now that you're apart and the kids still have needs?-- What rights do the grandparents have on both sides?

These are just a handful of examples, but you can tell from them that there is much to figure out. When your divorce case gets too complex, make sure you know what to do in Arkansas, and give us a call to learn more.

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