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7 things you can do to make child custody modification easier

Child custody modification is beneficial for your child in most cases. The process might be rather stressful because you know your child's future is at stake. Consider taking these steps to prepare you for the mediation process.

#1: Make a list

Make a list of the points you feel are important for the custody agreement. You should decide the order of importance so you know what points are negotiable and which aren't. You can look at this list during the process if you feel you are moving too far away from the important points.

#2: Learn what points to include

Child custody mediation agreements must include specific points. These can vary by case. A basic visitation and custody schedule, information about child support and any special agreements are all points you might need to include.

#3: Be willing to compromise

Mediation is a process built on negotiation. You and your ex work with a mediator to work things out. You must be willing to listen to what your ex thinks about various points. This might help you and your ex to come up with an agreement about all vital points.

#4: Include vacation schedules

Your child custody schedule must include information about vacations and holidays. Outline what will happen for Christmas break, your child's birthday, summer vacation and any other important days. This gives you something to refer to when you start making plans for those periods.

#5: Figure out who is making decisions for the child

Your child's life will have decisions regarding medical care, religion, education and other points. Your custody agreement must outline who is responsible for each decision. You and your ex might share responsibility for making these decisions if you can get along with each other.

#6: Keep the focus on your child

Child custody mediation must focus solely on your child. This isn't the time to bring up what led to the divorce or the events since the divorce filing. Instead, think about what is best for your child. Each decision you make during the child custody mediation process will impact your child.

#7: Be prepared for modification in the future

Child custody agreements often must change as the child gets older. You can always seek out a modification of the order when one is needed later. Your current child custody agreement must include what your child needs right now.

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