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What can be expected for over 50 divorcees

No one really knows how it is to be divorced....until they experience it for themselves. This is true for couples who have been married for only a few years, as well as couples who have been together for decades.

For people in their 50's, going through a divorce can be especially traumatic. After all, they have likely dedicated their lives to maintaining a household (and now the children are gone), and they are faced with the prospect of starting over in a number of facets in their lives. Not only will they have to find a new place to live, they have to deal with the self-esteem issues that come about, as well as the financial implications that come with divorce.

While these issues may be difficult to deal with, there are not insurmountable. A recent report suggests that the adjustment period that ocmes with divorce is normal. People going through "gray divorces" typically find solace in a close-knit group of friends that have been around for a long time. This group helps to address the self-esteem issues, and helps usher in the new chapter of the divorcee's life. 

If this group doesn't seem to be around (or care), that's where venturing out on one's own becomes important. It may include moving to a new city, or creating a new network by volunteering and getting involved with community organizations. Suffice it to say, the end of one's married life may create raw feelings at the outset, but with hard work and determination, one's fortunes can change.

Source:, Divorce in your 50's: What's it like to divorce at 50?, September 28, 2013

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