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November 2013 Archives

Rupert Murdoch divorce nearing finalization

Very few people in Arkansas have the media attention equal to that of Rupert Murdoch. The media billionaire was again in the news recently as he and his third ex-wife appeared in a Manhattan court seeking the judge's approval of their divorce settlement paperwork.

Dealing with delinquent child support

The divorce of parents can be hard on a child, but it can be made even more difficult when the non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support. The most recent statistics from the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reveal that more than $1 billion in child support payments is owed to parents in Arkansas and around the country who retain primary custody of one or more children following a divorce or separation.

Handling parenting time issues after the parenting decree

Parenting is just as important when couples are married as they are when they are divorced. In some situations, parenting the children of divorce takes on an added significance, since these kids need additional guidance to deal with the emotional aspects of a split. For instance, kids of parents who are divorcing may feel depressed, and believe that they have no one to speak to about how they are feeling. This can lead to destructive behavior and further distance from loved ones.

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