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Weighing the decision to divorce during the holidays

Who wants to consider divorce during the holiday season?

If you are in a troubled marriage and are weighing your options, you have probably been pelted with that question by well-wishers who want you to enjoy the holiday season and not spend it in a constant state of despair. However, you may be questioning whether you can stomach another season of disingenuous representations of happiness when you are really dying inside.

So what should you do?                

A recent report provides some poignant insight into the issue. Essentially, decisions to end marriages should be made prudently, since there are many other people who may be affected (particularly children). Decisions should be made with them in mind. After all, who wants to spoil their holiday season? Also, this is an opportune time to remember that kids have two parents, so it is critical that any decision should include time for the other parent to have time with the children.

If you are still hamstrung, it is always helpful to prepare for life after the split. This includes gathering all pertinent financial information, including joint bank statements, tax returns, and investment statements.

Interviewing attorneys is also key. Divorce can be a long process, and you want to work with someone you are comfortable with and who you trust. It makes no sense hiring an attorney who is a bulldog when you are looking for a peaceful solution.

Moreover, having a support system is important. There is nothing like having people in your corner who will support you and tell you the truth. These people can help you put emotional problems in perspective so that you actually enjoy the holidays. 

Source:, “Is it ever okay to separate around the holidays?” Kelly Coleman, November 25, 2013

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