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Man jailed in Arkansas for skipping support is father of 26

Little Rock parents may tell you parenthood has its rewards, but it isn't always easy. When parents are together, the joys and obligations are shared. The task can become harder, when couples separate or divorce, especially when non-custodial parents don't provide adequate financial support.

An out-of-state man was jailed recently on $50,000 bond. The defendant was accused of failing to meet his child support obligations. Three women in Forrest City claim the man owes them support payments, but the mothers may have to wait in line.

CNN reported the defendant is the father of more than two dozen children. That's 26 children officials can identify and possibly others. Apparently, most of the other mothers – totaling 15 to 20 women, depending on the news source -- live in Memphis, Tennessee, where the defendant has a club.

The man said he comes to Arkansas regularly for business. The Root reported the defendant ended up in jail, when he didn't comply with a $60-a-week court order to support the toddler of a Forrest City woman. The case revolved around a paternity action through the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement.

State officials apparently didn't know, until recently, the man was a club owner. Reports said an Arkansas wage garnishment notice was sent to a company that owned a Tennessee McDonald's, where the defendant reportedly made less than $250.00 per week. The club owner's Facebook page paints an entirely different picture.

The man claimed 700 guests took part in his 50th birthday celebration at one of the clubs. Photos on Facebook showed a man of obvious wealth – expensive cars, cash flashes and a bottle of Hennessey worth more than the alleged weekly earnings at the fast food restaurant.

Support orders can be modified, up or down, to reflect significant changes in a parent's income. Family law attorneys assist custodial and non-custodial parents with support issues.

Source:, "Tennessee father of 26 children arrested for not paying child support" Nov. 19, 2014

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