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Divorce selfie photos gaining popularity

A new post-divorce fad has hit the internet. Recently, divorced individuals are embracing the idea of the "divorce selfie." The divorce selfie trend is a lighthearted way for couples to announce that they are divorcing. Basically, it involves couples taking a picture of themselves looking happy with a caption that notifies their Facebook or Twitter friends that they are no longer going to be married.

According to a senior writer at Yahoo Parenting, the trend is helping couples let their friends know that there is no need to feel awkward, and that the breakup is amicable. The trend is helping couples show that they are "happily divorced" and that there is no reason to feel sorry for them.

One couple from Florida, who was married for three years, decided to let their friends and family know about their divorce through a divorce selfie. They took their photo together outside the courtroom where they finalized the split. The woman in the marriage asked her now ex-husband if they should take a selfie. As a joke, he agreed.

After posting the photo on Instagram and captioning it "Here's to the most friendly, respectful and loving split imaginable," they received an overwhelmingly positive response.

A Canadian couple did the same last Thursday, showing off the end of their marriage with a selfie taken outside their local courthouse. They did a high five in the photo and did not think much else about it, but now their picture has been shared across Facebook 36,000 times and the excitement is growing.

It is always best for Arkansas couples to divorce in an amicable and friendly fashion. Sometimes, an experienced divorce attorney can help couples achieve such a peaceful breakup, but it usually has a lot more to do with the couple and their unique relationship than anything else.

Source: ABC News, "Divorcing Couples Snap Happy Selfies to Announce Their Break-Ups," Sep. 02, 2015

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