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It's best if fathers stay nearby after a divorce

If you and your spouse get divorced, you may be tempted to move far away. This could be due to anger and resentment that you feel for your spouse, or you could just be looking for a way to start over. However, if you have children, experts say that it's actually best if you stay close to them in Arkansas.

A study confirming this was done at Arizona State University. It was then printed in the Journal of Family Psychology. The goal of the study was to combat the idea that children don't experience any negative impact after a divorce if they're only involved with one parent. The study says that they really do need both parents in order to grow up and develop in a healthy manner.

Interestingly, the study noted that the impact was perhaps greatest on daughters. When gauging overall personal health, the lowest ranking found for girls came when those girls moved away from their fathers, living only with their mothers. They had the highest ranking when both parents were nearby.

The study suggested that an hour's drive be the longest distance that parents lived from one another. Anything over and it was said to create a greater divide between the parents and the children.

Overall, the study just speaks to an idea that has been around forever: Parents should stay involved in their children's lives. This is true for both married parents and those who have divorced.

If you want to stay involved with your child, it's very important to know about all of your legal rights as a father.

Source: Fatherhood, "Keep Close To Home As a Divorced Dad," Wayne Parker, accessed Nov. 11, 2015

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