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Divorce timing can be important, especially with a prenup

The day that you and your spouse decide to file for divorce can be quite important as it pertains to the length of your marriage. This is especially true if you have a prenuptial agreement.

To learn how this works, take a look at a high-profile celebrity divorce. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner decided to split up. However, this wasn't something that came out of the blue over the summer. The two had stopped living together; basically, they were no longer spending time as a married couple, even though they still had to take care of the official side of things.

Then, ten years and one day after they first tied the knot, they put in the paperwork. This seems like curious timing, but that's because it was likely not an accident. They probably wanted to make sure they waited a full ten years before they filed.

There are a few different reasons to do this. One is California law, which classifies that as a long-term marriage, but it was also speculated that they may have used a prenup. They could have put something in that prenup that related to the time of the split.

For instance, the prenup could have said that assets would be divided differently if they were married for ten years or more, perhaps providing one or the other with incentive to make it work for as long as possible.

This is speculation, as the reports from that time indicated, since neither of them commented when asked about it. However, if you'd like to use a prenup in Arkansas or if you're trying to decide when to file for divorce, this story does show just how important it can be to know when is the best time.

Source: Fortune, "What we can learn about prenups from the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce," Laura J. Vogel, accessed Jan. 14, 2016

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