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After your divorce, you can request child custody modifications

Divorce has a strong sense of finality about it. That makes sense, as it is the formal and legal ending to a marital union and a family unit. However, a divorce decree is not always the final word in terms of child custody and support. Situations changes, and the Arkansas family law courts allow parents to seek modifications to their custody agreements well after the finalization of a divorce.

Will your spouse's affair affect asset division in your divorce?

Adultery is a common reason for seeking a divorce in Arkansas and elsewhere in the United States. It is devastating to learn that your spouse was not faithful during your marriage. Not only is there emotional damage, there's also a risk of contracting incurable diseases if you were still intimate with him or her during or after the affair. Leaving a cheating spouse and filing for divorce is a common response to learning of an affair.

Yes, your divorce is going to affect your wealth

Divorcing when you are 65 is a lot different than divorcing when you are 35. For one, at 35 you might have young children and divorce means dealing with child custody and support issues. At 65, the kids are usually grown and starting their own families. Also, your list of assets is probably a lot longer than it was when you were still in your 30s. You have had an additional 30 years to build your wealth. Owning high-value assets often leads to a more complex divorce, since property division is typically one of the major sources of contention.

How an Arkansas divorce can impact your retirement

In recent years, more and more people in their 50s or 60s have ended their marriages. These so-called gray divorces are evidence of shifting cultural attitudes about the purpose and necessity of marriage. They can help people lead fulfilling final chapters to their lives. However, they can also have a profound impact on the ability of people to retire as planned.

Who keeps the house when you divorce in middle age?

Divorce looks very different depending on how long you've been married and what kind of assets you and your spouse amassed during your time together. Whereas a young couple with few assets between them may not find it difficult to reach a fair property division agreement, a couple who divorces later in life, such as their 50s, probably faces a significantly different situation.

What does Arkansas consider grounds for divorce?

Many states have adopted "no-fault" divorces. In these divorces, both parties agree that the marriage is not salvageable, but the courts consider neither party to be responsible for the dissolution of the union. This allows for couples to quickly divorce without proving someone did something wrong. Even in cases of adultery and physical abuse, many people still choose no-fault divorces because it is faster to divorce when you don't have to prove to the courts why you should be allowed to divorce. Unfortunately for those living in Arkansas, the state does not currently allow for no-fault divorces.

Is it possible to protect your assets from a divorce?

When you are thinking about marriage, it is only natural to think about divorce as well. Some people take steps to protect their assets before they get married by creating prenuptial agreements. Other couples create postnuptial agreements after they get married in order to protect their interests. Others, however, are creating financial trusts.

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