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Why Arkansas grandparents may not be able to adopt grandkids

If Arkansas children have ended up in foster care, as more than 4,600 currently are, because their parents are no longer around or unable to care for them, it may seem obvious that state agencies would reach out to other family members, such as grandparents who are able and willing to give them a good home, and that judges would allow that. However, some Arkansas grandparents are frustrated with the difficulties they are encountering getting that chance.

Re-homing is outlawed in Arkansas

Re-homing is a term used to describe what happens when a parent adopts a child and then transfers the custody of that child to another individual or another family. This used to be possible in Arkansas, but it led to some trouble. One individual sent children to a second family, and one of those children was then a victim of sexual abuse in the home.

Arkansas non-custodial parents and child support issues

Some Pulaski County non-custodial parents may feel like the legal system works against them. In truth, Arkansas courts do take sides when family law issues involve children - children's best interests are first. The Office of Child Support Enforcement is a state agency designed to help custodial and non-custodial parents resolve financial and other issues regarding children.

International adoption issues for Arkansas residents

Little Rock couples sometimes look beyond U.S. borders to expand their families. The adoption of children from other countries is significantly more complex and expensive than stateside adoptions. Prospective parents must deal with laws in two countries that are sometimes very different.

Man jailed in Arkansas for skipping support is father of 26

Little Rock parents may tell you parenthood has its rewards, but it isn't always easy. When parents are together, the joys and obligations are shared. The task can become harder, when couples separate or divorce, especially when non-custodial parents don't provide adequate financial support.

Legal rights through Arkansas Acknowledgements of Paternity

Married Little Rock parents are granted legal rights to a child upon a baby's birth. It is not necessary for husbands to undergo testing to prove paternity. Under Arkansas family laws, a married father is the legal father, presumably.

Negative post-divorce co-parenting confuses, harms Arkansas kids

You don't have to like your ex to love your kids. The hard part for some Little Rock parents is not letting the dislike of a former spouse get in the way of co-parenting. You have a choice to make interactions with or about the other parent productive or harmful.

Stay reinforces Arkansas same-sex marriage, divorce ban

Family law has been center stage during the last few weeks in Arkansas. A Pulaski County judge ruled the state's ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional on May 9. The decision was followed a week later by the state Supreme Court's temporary suspension of the ruling until an appeal is heard.

Remarriage of Michael Jackson's ex may become family law dispute

While roles of Arkansas child guardians and parents overlap, the two designations are not the same. Under family law, guardianships are established by courts for minor children whose parents have died or no longer have the ability to care for them. Terms of ending guardianships, under Arkansas Code 28: 201-221, include court assessments of the best interests of the minor child.

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