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Fathers' Rights Archives

It's best if fathers stay nearby after a divorce

If you and your spouse get divorced, you may be tempted to move far away. This could be due to anger and resentment that you feel for your spouse, or you could just be looking for a way to start over. However, if you have children, experts say that it's actually best if you stay close to them in Arkansas.

Unmarried fathers face changing rights

For married fathers, establishing paternity is not typically much of an issue, but things have not always been so simple for unmarried fathers. Their paternity is sometimes challenged or they are simply not given the same rights as married fathers, even if they claim to be related. They are often given titles like alleged, presumed or reputed fathers. In Arkansas, for instance, they are known as putative fathers.

Unmarried fathers’ rights in Arkansas

Pulaski County dads who aren't married must take steps to ensure the state recognizes the legal bond between them and their children. Paternity must be established before fathers' rights can be exercised. Marital status can seem like an unfair measure of whether a man is a father, but there are ways to overcome legal obstacles.

Fathers’ rights complications for Arkansas unmarried dads

The legal obstacles unmarried, biological fathers have to overcome to obtain a satisfying relationship with children may not seem fair. A married man is presumed to be the father of any child born to his wife. Evidence isn't necessary to prove motherhood, whether or not a woman is married.

Kate Winslet in the crosshairs of father's rights group

Actress Kate Winslet is known for her famous roles, but a father’s rights group in the United Kingdom has used her as an example of how many fathers are treated as second class citizens when it comes to parenting time during the holidays. Winslet was recently quoted in a magazine as saying that she does not share parenting time, which the group, Fathers4Justice took to say that she doesn’t care about non-custodial fathers not being with their children on Christmas morning.

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