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Posts tagged "property division"

Who gets what: Asset division in Arkansas divorces

Asset division is often one of the most hotly contested aspects of a divorce agreement. Each spouse may feel like he or she deserves a specific asset, such as the marital home. Even if both parties are trying to work together, small disagreements can quickly cause problems when deciding on how to divide the marital assets.

Revenge porn bill could affect Arkansas divorce cases

Technology has provided Pulaski County residents with a lot of benefits, but there is a downside to instant communication and easy photo uploading. Angry ex-spouses and former partners are taking to the Internet in droves for revenge. Laws in many states, including Arkansas, do not protect individuals from this form of privacy invasion.

Coping with stress during a Little Rock divorce

Everyday life in Little Rock includes emotional, physical and social stresses that require coping skills. Parenting frustrations, work deadlines and even anticipation of something wonderful like a celebration are stresses you may have learned to tolerate. Life-changing stressors can throw you for a loop -- marriage, parenthood, death and divorce.

Little Rock divorce leftovers: Emotions and joint debts

Does any Pulaski County spouse walk away clean and clear from a marital break-up? Many Little Rock spouses certainly have feelings that carry beyond a divorce decree, sometimes with a significant impact on future communications with an ex over issues like child support. However, for the purposes of this blog, let's focus on splitting finances.

Financial preparedness for a Little Rock divorce

It's not unusual for Little Rock spouses to divvy up tasks, often according to individual desires to take on the work. Some couples designate one spouse to handle all the budgeting, bill paying and investments. During divorce, the spouse left out of the financial loop may be shocked by what he or she doesn't know about marital assets and liabilities.

Shielding an Arkansas private business from divorce

A family business can lay a secure foundation for generations, or it can cause disagreements and divides among relatives that destabilize the future. A big concern for Little Rock spouses is the effect of a divorce on private businesses. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect a business in case a marriage ends.

Rupert Murdoch divorce nearing finalization

Very few people in Arkansas have the media attention equal to that of Rupert Murdoch. The media billionaire was again in the news recently as he and his third ex-wife appeared in a Manhattan court seeking the judge's approval of their divorce settlement paperwork.

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