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Posts tagged "divorce"

Should you try to keep emotions out of a divorce?

If you're going through divorce, you know how hard it can be to keep from feeling emotional. This is true in almost all divorces—whether you asked for the split, your spouse did, or you both agree it's for the best. It's still a huge change and you could feel a wide range of emotions as things play out.

4 huge divorce questions

The most common question people ask about divorce is what the cost is going to be. While this is a logical question, every case is different, so there's no standard answer. Below are four other common questions that are a bit easier to answer outright—though there are still differences from case to case. Be sure you understand the answers to these and any other legal questions you have in Arkansas.

Adultery can still impact your divorce case

In past generations, adultery has played a huge role in divorce cases. Though it is still a commonly cited reason for divorce, it now plays less of a role in child custody, division of assets, and the like. Even in states where it's illegal to cheat on your spouse, criminal charges are rare.

The holidays may call for new traditions after divorce

Whether you asked for the divorce or not, you're going to feel it rather keenly when the holidays role around, especially if you have children. The holidays are often thought of as family time, and there has been a significant shift in your family. Even if it's been for the better, this means the holidays can be hard. Some experts suggest starting new traditions to help you during this time.

You can move on after divorce, and it may not take that long

Many people in Arkansas make the mistake of thinking that a divorce is the worst possible thing that can happen -- that it is the end of the world. One writer, though, shows how you really can move on and even feel good when the dust settles.

Divorce selfie photos gaining popularity

A new post-divorce fad has hit the internet. Recently, divorced individuals are embracing the idea of the "divorce selfie." The divorce selfie trend is a lighthearted way for couples to announce that they are divorcing. Basically, it involves couples taking a picture of themselves looking happy with a caption that notifies their Facebook or Twitter friends that they are no longer going to be married.

Questions that can decide who keeps a pet after divorce

You may not have children, but do you and your spouse have a dog or cat? If so, you may need to be prepared to have the pet dragged into the divorce case as you determine who gets to keep it. When you and your spouse can't agree, the following questions may be considered:

The top 5 reasons a premarital agreement may fail

If you and your spouse decide to use a premarital agreement, you likely want to set up some guidelines in case there is a divorce. These agreements often note who gets to keep certain pieces of property, for instance, or what type of spousal support will be given. However, there are many reasons these agreements can be invalidated, and you should know about them before creating yours.

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